Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Yahoo IMAP in Outlook 2011

Just getting to grips with Outlook for Mac. Also discovered how to set up Outlook with Yahoo Mail using IMAP. Not sure if it makes a difference but I'm using the paid Yahoo mail service.

Tools > Accounts

Add new mail account - enter [from/reply to] email address and password and clear the 'Configure automatically'

Server info
  • User name (without the bit)
  • Password (should be from initial dialogue)
  • Incoming server: and check the Use SSL (should default to Port 993)
  • Outgoing server: and check Override default port and Use SSL; set port to 465

That should be it, although to keep everyone happy, you might want to confirm your account name/password under outgoing server's 'More options'.

I actually have my email address set to something else (a 'lifetime' email forwarding alias) and Yahoo seems pretty happy with that - although that's probably another benefit of paying to use the service.